after a few exchanged looks everything went back into place (2013)

The Salon Communal is a multi-purpose hall within the center of Marchienne au point. Many of its windows have been vandalized in recent years and have then been covered with wooden boards by the city because they couldn´t come up for the reparation. On these intermediate covers the date of the destruction was marked as well as the number of the file in the city hall that corresponds with each incident.
For a short while I wanted to change that numbering system, the timeline of the building, the “aspect” of it so to speak and add another date to these boards. Together with several helpers and during one day I took off the boards and opened the building for the public. This was part of the exhibition program of the residency “Hotel Charleroi” that year.
I re-used the old boards as “platforms” in the park area surrounding the Salon Communal and laid them out on the ground nearby. I had asked a local dog educational club to come with some of their dogs that would be the best trained to just sit them on each of those “stages”  as still as possible.


So while the building was very open and accessible to the public during that time, the dogs and their owners formed a layer around the building extending it with their presence. Their performance was restricted to one hour; after it had finished the old boards became replaced by new ones, on top of which I added the current date.
,zusätzliche „Schicht“ um das Gebäude herum und erweiterten somit auch seine räumliche Ausdehnung. Die Aktion war auf eine Stunde begrenzt; nach Abschluss wurden die alten Bretter durch neue ersetzt, auf welchen wir die alten Zahlen und Daten erneut festhielten und zusätzlich das aktuelle Datum hinzufügten. Die Installation war Ergebnis und Teil eine Residency im „Hotel Charleroi“ 2013 und deren abschliessenden Präsentation im öffentlichen Raum.