Audioscope/part 1 (concept, 2008)

This project would take place on an urban waste ground and would start with the burying of common household devices, placed in some kind of “habitation pit”. A hole in the ground in the shape of an apartment yet to be build. The noise that would come from the running household tools would be transformed while the hole is filled up with the soil again. It forms a specific sound space and would be heard with earphones. Later the site transforms into a party area, you would be invited to dance on the buried apartment as a dance-floor/DJ set would become established on that sort of “grave”!


Audioscope/part 2 (exhibition, concept presentation, 2008)

The project idea was exhibited within a sort of stranded meteorite. It took place in a private space and was open to the public for one week. Inside this living space the meteorite established a space within a space: the inside could be explored by only one person at a time. Climbing into it you came across a model (1:10) of the described project. According to the concept examples of recorded sounds could be heard inside and outside (hair-dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric toothbrush, TV etc.).

exhibition, 2008