Echochrome (2015)

Soundinstallation, DVD, 2 h 15 min

Developed with the contribution and support by the singers Amanda Kovac and Britt Truyts.
The recording is the result and a montage of several singing lessons which I took during my stay in Antwerp. It is based on a selection of CVs (curriculum vitae ↔ lat. „course of life“ ) from artists that had stayed at Lokaal01 before me, from the past four years. By improvisation and with the help of A. Kovac and B. Truyts the texts were interpreted with various approaches. My interest beforehand was to frame this specific text category and its formal aspects, developed as an indispensable tool for self – representation in working life and -as it seems for artists-, a thorough reflection of ongoing displacements and movements in time and space. As „a space“ to me is not only formed by the architecture and concrete social encounters within but also by its narratives which are passed on, every resident, coming and going, leaves his or her imprint in this space and adds to the „story“, – yet a „story as a whole“ stays surely also fragmented, transitory and difficult to bind. But this is not to pursue a repair of any sort. A personal CV aims to create „a whole“ and encompasses the coming and going as it states a sober list suggesting and complimenting overview. The work has been a short inspection of the relation between this format of a CV and the medium of a „place“, there, where it is also formed and contained.