In Terms of Trivia (2011)

“For her installation Annabel Lange considered the junk she collected in the area of Kreis 5 in Zürich as actors who receive – as the exhibition space is a theatre – their proper stage, “their 15 minutes of fame” so to speak. Her original project was to use the rubbish to draw a connecting line between the Prime Tower, the Schiffbau theatre and the waste incineration plant nearby. It was intended that the sequenced garbage would form a trail through the area and by doing this would have bound these heterogeneous places together while showing the transitoriness of all the materials in the city. The installation in the building of the Schiffbau theatre would have marked a pause on that trail, whereas in the profane sphere outside the long trace would have been re-absorbed and destroyed quickly again by the daily rhythms of the city life. In its current state the installation now offers its “actors” a scenery for a fleeting appearance: a show as a hyperventilation, an exaggerated display of rubbish in type cases for an instantaneous souvenir-production.” (from the program)