not on top II

Berlin, 2016, ca. 350 borrowed books from public libraries in Berlin, old basement shelf, fluorescent lamps, carpet

Continuation of not on top I (2014). The borrowed books whose titles started all with “Why” became installed on the shelf without any distinct system of ordering. The exhibition space in the art space of the Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin became completely coated with grey needle felt carpet, the only light source consisted of two moveable fluorescent lamps. For the opening and the closing event of the installation, which was generally open to the public for one week, several artists were invited to present their artistic work and own engagement with text, space and philosophy. 

participating artists: Eva Olthof, Serge Stephan + Michal B Ron, Veronika Reichl



flyer (back)


opening (Michal B Ron, Serge Stephan)

opening (Eva Olthof)

closing event (Veronika Reichl)