not on top III

Antwerp, 2017, performance with books from the library Bücher of the MUHKA in Antwerp, vase ca 1,20 m

The work is a reissue of not on top I and II and was presented during the finalising exhibition of the artist project Hotel Charleroi at the public museum library of the MUHKA. Sorted by language (English, Dutch, French) and put in order by the question words Why (Waarom, Pourquoi), What (Wat, Que) and How (Hoe, Comment ) the books were piled on one of two large tables opposite each other.
The titles of the books were then read out loud one after the other in that order, while on the other, mirroring table a large, fake Chinese vase was presented. It had been purchased second hand in the surroundings of Antwerp; after each cited title the vase was pushed/pulled from one side of the table to another by two assistants.