supermarktexchange (Berlin, 2009; Linz 2021)

Painting over the labels of common supermarket items taken out of the daily purchases. Copying the label by painting it again on the actual label. Then putting it back on the shelves from where I got it. For the exhibition in Linz some items of the purchase were put back to the shelves, some remained in the exhibition space of the “bb15

purchase (painted over), 2021

installation view ("Tautologies" bb15, Linz 2021)

Connetable, 2021

Connetable, 2021

Connetable (back in the shelf), 2021

Haas (back in the shelf), 2021

Maresi (back in the shelf), 2021

purchase (not yet painted over), 2009

Dallmayr, 2009

Dallmayr, 2009

Dallmayr back in shelf, 2009

pesto Barilla (back in shelf), 2009

dishwashing liquid W5 (back in shelf), 2009