untitled (Nijmegen, 2014)

For an exhibition opening I installed a loose and rather instable cardboard structure that established a certain path in the space. It led the visitors in a sharp loop into the center of the room right after having entered and made them turn immediately towards the entrance/exit again.
With the support of five hired security guards the visitors were advised and guided through the structure. The following rules were imposed on them meanwhile:

– passing the structure as quickly as possible
– no picture taking
– no questions will be answered to by the staff concerning the exhibition

After the people had gone through this ”entrance system” they could enter freely for a second time by the back door of the space; also then everyone was free to step into a conversation with the staff if one liked to do so.
This set-up was running for just two hours during the opening. Afterwards it became dismantled and pulled up under the ceiling like a tool that has fulfilled its purpose.