Bestechung und Archiv (2013)

For half a month I was going each day to bribe and spoil a dog, the one, that is watching the stadium at the “parc communal” in Marchienne au Pont. The bribe consisted of some sort of cracker I made out of meat and crisp bread on which I wrote projects that hadn´t been realized, not regarding if they were conceived by me or by some other visiting artist who had ever passed some time at the artist residency. I knew the dog would not care about it. I did this as regularly as possible and tried to always come by at the same hour to really inscribe myself into his dog brain. I hoped that at the end, I would have manipulated him perfectly so that he would not bark at me anymore as soon as I come close, – and would also be disappointed after I would have left Marchienne, – and still expect the same routine, meaning more crackers. The imagery I would leave behind would just be a hint in some dog´s memory and perhaps a Pavlovian reaction pattern traced in its behaviour. I have to say that in the end he kept barking at me, but still: pretty soon he started recognizing me, I just cannot guess how long his remembrance will be lasting… .