The HELLO object, 2027

The tripod derives from the work “untitled (Berlin, 2006)” and has to be returned if necessary. It belonged to the telescope when I purchased it second hand, -I don´t know who was the original owner, it is too long time ago, also the price I haven´t kept in memory. The folding rule dates back from my apprenticeship at least and I have used it for many of my works. Here, I should be able to tell where the orange paint on it comes from but I can´t recall neither. In the meantime, I had to think of André Cadere and his “Barres de Bois” and how he leaned them next to all those Warhols and that would be good to do with this piece, too. I also think about of how this work would be absorbed by a time tunnel and picked up by some Neandertals who tear the folding ruler apart, rip the tripod into pieces and build some weapons out of it to hunt down some mammoths or other wild animals although they haven´t got an idea of metal working yet. Admittedly, neither do I. The pictures I didn´t take all by myself, K. and U. helped me, K. advised me to put two more neon lamps for the light and U. suggested to do a bracketing for every photo, so not to regret it later.